5 Website Mistakes
Wedding Photographers Make

It’s becoming more common for wedding photographers to create their own websites. I’m all for this – especially if you’re starting out and needing an affordable option. But there’s more to an effective website than a pretty design. An effective wedding photography website blends great copy writing with beautiful visuals. It also offers potential brides an easy way to get the information they want without having to think. A good chunk of the DIY wedding photography websites aren’t as effective as they could be. Here are five common websites mistakes wedding photographers make:

Website Mistake One: They add only photos on their home page

The home page of a website should be a summary of what the viewer will see throughout the other pages. If you add a large, scrolling gallery and call it good – you run the risk of overwhelming your viewers. Of course your potential brides want to see your work. But chances are, they also want to learn more about you and your business! Of the five website mistakes wedding photographers make, this is the worst one.

These are my favorite sections to include on a wedding photography home page:

  • About You
  • Packages or Services
  • Slideshow
  • Contact with Social Media Links
  • Recent Weddings

Website Mistake Two: They don’t include their pricing on their website

This is a mixed bag, and I realize that not everyone will agree with this. I have found that adding pricing on your website weeds out those who don’t have the budget for your packages.
You don’t want to spend too much time sifting through inquiries that aren’t a good fit for you. The more time you save, the more time you spend working with brides you love!

Website Mistake Three: They use a generic template that doesn’t match their brand

Website templates are great tools. They make starting a website super easy without requiring a ton of time or hard work. But if you’re going to use a website template, you need to make sure to customize it for your brand.

Make sure that you add in your brand colors and typography. If you’re able, you should also try to switch up the layout

Website Mistake Four: They don’t use clear page names in their menus

One of the most important parts of a good website is great usability. Your goal is to help your viewer find exactly what they want without having to think too hard about it. If you include fancy page names, or many different pages with similar titles, it can get confusing.

Here are my favorite pages to include on wedding photography websites:

Website Mistake Five: They don’t gear their content to their target audience.

When creating your website, it’s easy to design it in a way fits within your personal taste. Unless your target audience is EXACTLY like you, this isn’t going to work. You want to make sure that your bride lands on your website and feels like you’re speaking right to her.

The first step to being successful with this is to determine who your target audience is. Once you know who she is and what she’s looking for, you’ll be able to design your site around her.

I hope you learned a thing or two about website mistakes that wedding photographers make. If these helped you, please be sure to share this post so others can read it!

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5 Website Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make

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