Five Tips to Create a Preferred Vendor List
for Your Wedding Business

We all know that planning a wedding is stressful for couples. There are so many details (small and large) to consider. It can be a huge relief when couples get to book a vendor – especially if it’s their wedding photographer. As a wedding pro, you want to do everything you can to make the wedding planning process easy for your couples. One of the best ways to help? Create a preferred vendors list. I’m going to show you how to create the perfect preferred vendors list for your wedding business.

1. Only pick other vendors you would actually recommend.

When coming up with the vendors you want on your list, make sure you actually like to work with the ones you pick. This is important. Confused about whether to add a vendor to this list? If you wouldn’t recommend them to your family, the answer is no. Your couples will be using this list to find important members of their wedding team. You don’t want them to be disappointed because of your recommendation.

2. Provide 2-3 vendors for each category.

Offering 2-3 vendors for each category allows your couples to find someone they want to work with. If Vendor A doesn’t have their date available, Vendor B will. It might also be a good idea to offer a few options within different price ranges.

3. Brand your vendor list.

This might be an obvious point, but it never hurts to mention it! Make sure your list is unique to your brand. If you’re going to download a template, change the colors and fonts to match your brand aesthetic. This will help to elevate your client experience.

4. Include the contact information for each vendor.

Make sure that you include all modes of contact for each vendor you add to your list. The must-haves include their website, email, and phone number. Having this information in one spot will make it easy for your couples to find a vendor they want to hire.

5. Include any special discounts.

If you can offer a discount to your couples when they book with a vendor on your list, make sure to let them know. This is a great way to help your couples save money while giving extra business to your favorite vendors.

As a special bonus to help get you started, I created a simple Preferred Vendor List template on Canva. Grab the template below, and make sure to change it to match your branding!

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