How to Elevate Your Client Experience
as a Wedding Professional

Providing couples with the ultimate experience is a goal that is common in the wedding world. There’s nothing better than a happy bride and groom! But how do you elevate your client experience as a wedding professional? I’ve come up with 5 tips to help.

1. Make it Easy to Get in Touch with You

Believe it or not, the experience begins for the client the moment they find you. If they’re finding you online, you want to make sure that it’s easy for them to figure out how to get in touch with you. This means having a website that is easy to navigate with a clear call to action.
A client that has to work to figure out how to send you an email will start the journey frustrated. And let’s be clear – this is the last thing you want to happen!

2. Create and send a welcome packet to clients

Beginning the client experience with a welcome packet is a great way to start. A welcome packet includes everything that your client needs to know to work with you. Some of the popular things to include:
  • Timelines
  • Methods of Communication
  • FAQ’s
  • Rundown of what’s included in their package
  • A little more about you + your business
Your welcome packet will provide valuable information to your new clients. It also saves them the trouble of having to ask questions in the future!

3. Use a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to create workflows + automate your systems

There’s nothing worse than wasting time (yours or your clients). The best way to avoid this? Use a CRM like Honeybook or Dubsado to create workflows and automated systems. You can automate communication and payments for your clients. Having things automated will prevent the dreaded “I’m so sorry I forgot…” moment that sometimes comes with working on larger projects.
Your clients will appreciate how organized and professional your service is.

4. Offer exclusive bonuses to clients

Offering bonus gifts can be a great way to elevate your client’s experience. It also helps make them feel special. But what kind of gifts can you offer?
Vendor lists are one of my favorites. You can compile a list of your favorite vendors to work with. Choose two or three vendors from each category. You want to ensure that your couples have an alternate option if one vendor doesn’t work out. If you partner with any vendors or placed that offer a discount to your couples, this is also a great thing to add.

5. Reward Clients for Referrals

A referral from a previous client is the greatest compliment you can get as a wedding pro. It means that they appreciated their experience and wanted to share it with friends. Providing a small bonus to clients who refer to you is a great way to say thank you. It will also continue the great experience for them. Rewards don’t have to be large – it can be something as small as a $5 gift card to Starbucks!

Elevating your client experience isn’t difficult, when you have the right tips to work with! If you’ve implemented any of these tips, I’d love to know about them. Share this post to your social media + tag me in your post so I can see what you’ve learned.

How to Elevate Your Client Experience as a Wedding Professional

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