How to Pivot Your Wedding Business
During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the wedding industry. It has left many of us scrambling to come up with a backup plan for our wedding businesses. But don’t worry, pivoting is possible during this time. Check out a few tips to figure out how to pivot your wedding business during the pandemic.

1. Offer Elopement Packages

Large weddings are a thing of the past for 2020. But that doesn’t mean love is cancelled! Couples are opting for more intimate weddings in the face of COVID-19. This means you should start thinking about creating an elopement package.
Many wedding pros have started to offer all-inclusive elopement packages. Reach out to local vendors who you have worked with in the past and design a package that will make planning an elopement easy for clients. If you don’t have connections with other vendors, consider designing a smaller package based around an elopement.

2. Offer Digital Products

If you’re struggling to book out your wedding schedule, consider offering a digital product. Think of the problems that you solve for your couples. How can you solve them with a digital product?
If you’re a florist, can you put together a course that helps brides DIY their wedding bouquets for an intimate wedding? As a photographer, can you create an e-book that helps couples pick out wedding venues that allow for the best photos?
Digital products are a fantastic way to earn passive income – meaning you don’t always have to hustle to make a few extra dollars. Don’t get me wrong, marketing these products will take work. But it’s a great way to offer a product if booking weddings isn’t a possibility for you.

3. Catch Up on Projects

This is a tough time – but allowing yourself to be flexible and open to creative ideas will help get you through. Use your free time to catch up on the things that have always been pushed to the back because of a busy schedule.
Here are a few suggestions:
– Create a freebie or opt-in for your email marketing funnel
– Plan out your social media content
– Spend time connecting with dream clients on social media.

Now that you’ve got a few pivoting tips in your back pocket, which ones are you going to implement first? Leave a comment below to share how you’re changing your wedding business in the face of the pandemic.

pivot your wedding business during the pandemic

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